Top 8 Help Desk Certifications Your Support Agents Should Know About

They also have access to the highest-level resources and are experts in the best IT support tools. This training offers quizzes and in-course assignments designed to help you master the skills of an IT support technician. This help desk certification training is an online program that concentrates on building one’s career. It trains on fundamental knowledge for a career in the IT and customer relations. It also explains the tools expected to be used while aiding a customer.

help desk technician certifications

The Cisco Certified Network Professional in Service Provider Operations validates knowledge and skills required to troubleshoot and maintain service provider IP NGN core (PE-PE and PE-CE) network infrastructures. This is a free beginner level course that introduces learners to the role of an IT Support agent, including core priorities and key responsibilities. It teaches learners how to interact with other roles and master specific performance skills. There are quite a few certification courses available online that can help train candidates for these support and customer service positions. These courses can provide a solid base that aspiring reps can use to apply for entry level jobs or serve as continued education for even the most veteran of support managers who want to brush up on what’s new. The CompTIA A+ certification is an ideal IT credential for beginners.

Computer Literacy for Windows 10

Additionally, the Apple Device Support exam prep guide includes links to Apple documentation for all covered subject areas. CompTIA A+ 2023 addresses identifying and protecting against help desk certifications device and network security vulnerabilities. Consider the following well-regarded help-desk certifications and determine which ones best suit your needs and career path.

That way, participants can take the training home with them and complete it outside of work. This may seem obvious, but you have to understand the product to explain it to the customer. If you don’t have good product knowledge, you may lead the customer astray with false information, or elongate the time necessary to help them by having to ask for assistance or even hand them off to another help desk team member.

Certified Instrumentation Specialist (CIS)

With 24/7 access for 12 months, you can move at your own pace, training only when and where is best for you. Use our professionally created resume templates instead of building them yourself from scratch. Here’s our list of the best certifications available to Help Desk Technicians today. One of the ITIL help desk certifications is the Information Technology Infrastructure Library Foundation. Those taking the ITIL Foundation certification test must be familiar with the ITIL 4 principles and best practices.

  • If there isn’t training nearby, you can self-study for the final exam using the ITIL Foundation book, offered both online and in hard copy.
  • Finally, having this certification may also make it easier for individuals to gain access to resources that may help them stay current with technological advancements and best practices in the industry.
  • These lessons are spaced between just 48 hours, with an examination to rate the knowledge obtained.
  • This course teaches how to implement the latest service management best practices and processes to ensure that your IT services remain customer-focused and process-driven.
  • You have to be patient with customers as they come to keep them calm and solve their pain points.
  • For example, A+ leads to CompTIA’s Network+ certification, which opens into a wider range of certifications for cybersecurity, administration and more.

The primary benefit of Help Desk Technician Certification is that it provides validation of an individual’s technical skills and abilities. This can be extremely beneficial for those wishing to enter the IT industry, as employers are more likely to hire individuals with this certification than those without it. Additionally, having this certification may open up opportunities for career advancement within the IT sector. With the increasing demand for IT personnel, having this certification can give an individual a competitive edge when seeking employment or promotions. Certifications like CompTIA Security+ or Certified Information Systems Security Professional , for example, can confirm your experience and prove you have the cybersecurity abilities required for advanced technical support. They can also assist you in making the transition from IT support to cybersecurity.

EARN A help desk support specialist certificate

It is the only job-focused Linux certification covering the latest foundational skills demanded by hiring managers. To obtain the CompTIA Linux+ certification, IT support professionals must complete the CompTIA Linux+ exam. Prerequisites include CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications, along with 12 months of Linux admin experience. As one of the more affordable options on this list at only $49 per month, Google offers an IT Support course teaching the fundamentals of customer support to those who might not have a background in customer service. This online course is great for those just starting their careers and learning how to properly troubleshoot more complex technical issues. The training includes interactive labs and reviewable assessments that help users understand universal troubleshooting steps.

  • Microsoft Office Specialist Masters have more than a working familiarity with Microsoft Office programs-they are technically skilled to take advantage of the breadth of features efficiently and effectively.
  • LinkedIn Learning is another great platform for job seekers wishing to venture into the field of technical support and customer service or anybody seeking to strengthen their overall technical skills.
  • Candidates work on a team in a medium-sized or large development environment that uses Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Enterprise Developer, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, or Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.
  • Desktop IT Support Level 1 and 2 is a well-designed desktop course that can assist you in securing a desk technician role.

If you like solving problems and troubleshooting technology issues, then a career in IT support may be right for you. ‘Technical support fundamentals’ is a Google course that teaches the foundational skills required for entry-level positions. This course covers aspects of IT like hardware and software, customer service, etc. The Network+ certification, offered by CompTIA, is a training course that focuses on resolving network issues in IT software. CompTIA Network+ is another vendor-neutral certification, including the abilities required for IT support. It certifies the technical abilities required of IT professionals to set up, maintain, and troubleshoot networks on any platform in a secure way.

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